My Favourite Photos

1. Donuts at Borough Market

Happy third birthday to me!! It would appear that I’ve been writing this blog for three years. Three years of full effort juxtaposed with not really caring, along side forgetting about it completely, complimented by a sprinkle of wanting it to be something, then not, then wanting it again. I’ve never done a fashion post, never really reviewed make up or beauty (maybe once to tell you about my terrible skin!?). I’ve never had much direction or drive for direction. Never really seen it as something to push me to some interstellar fame. Just a place to share with like-minded individuals things I’ve liked, places I’ve been, music I’ve listened to and most importantly share my photos.

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Citadel Festival 2016

We’ve been blessed with some really tremendous weather recently in the UK. Sun, sun, sun and more sun (until this week when the heavens opened again and London became a humid hell). I say blessed, I cannot cope in UK heat… 30 degrees in central London is my idea of a nightmare unless I’m lay in a park, beer in hand with no need to move for several hours. Lucky for me, Citadel Festival was the perfect excuse to do just that!
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