My Favourite Photos

1. Donuts at Borough Market

Happy third birthday to me!! It would appear that I’ve been writing this blog for three years. Three years of full effort juxtaposed with not really caring, along side forgetting about it completely, complimented by a sprinkle of wanting it to be something, then not, then wanting it again. I’ve never done a fashion post, never really reviewed make up or beauty (maybe once to tell you about my terrible skin!?). I’ve never had much direction or drive for direction. Never really seen it as something to push me to some interstellar fame. Just a place to share with like-minded individuals things I’ve liked, places I’ve been, music I’ve listened to and most importantly share my photos.

I’m in no way trained with a camera, pretty much the opposite. I do like to think I have an eye for a nice picture though – which for me is enough to capture some good-ish shots of things is found inspiring or people I love. When I got the message about this blog turning three (the longest running of any blogs I’ve had!) I thought about its various iterations, the places I’ve been in the last three years and most importantly the hundreds of photos I’ve taken!

This blog post is dedicated to my favourite photos. They vary in subject, editing style (if at all!) place and time. They’ve been taken on probably just two cameras, my trustiest two. Nothing fancy or expensive. They aren’t necessarily my favourite because of a time or a place or the people. Just the photos I go back to when I need inspiration, the ones I think about maybe framing in some weird narcissistic exercise. The ones I just like the most.  Some of them are a little out of focus, not quite right, odds and sods, but who cares really!

Initially I was going to post five, then 20, but settled on 14, that ever-memorable number!! I’ve written a little sentence for each, just to give you a little bit more information than I usually do! The who’s, what’s and where’s. Maybe when I’m writing them I’ll even give them a fancy name.

To those of you who are new here, HIYA!! Be prepared for me posting in bursts and never really being sure what the point in what I’m writing is. If you’ve been here all along… thank you. Seriously. Some of my greatest pals are from the internet and I count you all in there too. Thanks for sticking with it even when I couldn’t be bothered.

Travel Sicily 17
2. One of my greatest loves and my ever patient flatmate Sarah was really ill this day! Myself, Sarah and Sophie (flatmate 3), were on a little boat sailing around Sicily. Sarah went below deck and didn’t come back up the same person. After an afternoon of seasickness she still managed to look this fabulous. Easily one of my favourite photos ever.

Favourite best photo Coffee Sugar Lemonade 3
3. The 1975 at The Royal Albert Hall – I love gigs more than most things. This picture was one I was really proud of at the time. We were stood quite far away and when I came across this one in the photo set I felt like I’d won the lottery!

Ramsbottom 12
4. I woke up one morning to the most incredible winter morning mist at home. I threw on a pair of wellies and tramped off in my nightshirt. Just a little reminder of life outside London!

Favourite best photo Coffee Sugar Lemonade 5
5. Palermo, Sicily

Favourite best photo Coffee Sugar Lemonade 6
6. Afternoon Tea at Dean Street Townhouse, London

Favourite best photo Coffee Sugar Lemonade 7 7. Salzburg Castle - Salzburg, Austria

Favourite best photo Coffee Sugar Lemonade 8
8. Before I became vegetarian a burger was easily my favourite pastime. This is how I liked my burgers – finished.

Interrailing Italy 16
9. Venice, Italy.

Favourite best photo Coffee Sugar Lemonade 10
10. The point where the Atlantic Ocean meets land at the northern tip of Barbados.

Interrailing Italy 6
11. Strawberries in Bologna, Italy

Interrailing Budapest 17
12. My wonderful friend took me to Bambi, an old Soviet café in Budapest, and it was like something straight out of the past. The décor, the owners and the clientele hadn’t changed one iota since the 1960s.

Favourite best photo Coffee Sugar Lemonade 13
13. Haunt - Stoke Newington, London

Travel Sicily 20
14. Capo Gallo from the sea - Sicily, Italy


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