Mallorca with Mama

Last month I had the pleasure of taking a few days off and hanging out with my mum. I don’t get to spend half as much time with her as I’d like what with living 200 miles away so a few days away just the two of us was a real treat.

We went to Mallorca for a week of sun and sea. In addition, we also collected hundreds of insect bites between us… but what’s a few days of insane itching and mega bites between mother and daughter.

We stayed at a lovely family run hotel called the Bon Sol. There was a strange gothic theme throughout the hotel that was a little odd... think armour, wood panelling and black candelabras… I bloody loved it! To make it even better the staff were warm and welcoming, the pool cool and blue, and they certainly knew how to pour a good pint of the local beer! Mallorca was really beautiful, more so than I’d imagined. The beaches were bright and littered with energy and colour and, the huge cliffs with neat coves tucked away at their feet meant you could always find a place to hide in the shade from the beating sun. Oh, and look at the colour of that sky!

We lazed by the pool and drank wine for the week. Tearing ourselves away from the water for a day or two to explore local haunts and visiting Sóller on the Tren de Sóller. A perfect few days to unwind and relax.

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  2. This place allowed you to relax and get many pleasant impressions. Here you managed to visit the various places, filled with a special atmosphere of the coast.

  3. beautiful places when I will travel necessarily stay there for a little walk, we can drink coffee together


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