I’m Kate, a 24 year old girl based in London. I’m totally obsessed with cats, watching the sun rise at 6am and hot chocolate and, I have an unhealthy obsession with novelty cushions. For more about me, you might like to visit my YouTube Channel and join the party over there too.

Keep in touch with my on twitter or, drop me a line if you have any questions or PR requests at coffeesugarlemonade@live.com


This blog came about in my first year of university as a place for me to muse and write to fill my creative whims whilst undertaking a scientific degree. It’s been my online space now for over 5 years. Coffee Sugar Lemonade is about what I do, people I see and things I love. You’ll mainly find a hodgepodge of music, food and inane chatter. Stay a while, read what I have to say if you like. Enjoy the externalised ramblings of someone who really doesn't know what they're doing!

All the photos taken on the site are taken by myself so please credit where applicable and I’ll ensure to do the same.